Easily add passwordless authentication at the beginning of application development with a few lines of code, instead of the final step in the process


Frequently asked questions

Is Activeconnect truly passwordless?

Yes, Activeconnect does not use passwords. Every time an application calls the Activeconnect Authentication API, Activeconnect generates a new session token and secret, which are used by the Client Application to authenticate with the ActiveConnect Authentication API. The session token is a 128-bit value that uniquely identifies the session. Only the data collected by the mobile device is used to decide whether to authenticate the user.

What are the different levels of security?

Activeconnect uses Machine Learning to determine the optimum Authentication Strategy. It is possible to manually specify the data you want to use for Authentication. By default, there are 3 authentication methods and new ones are being added.

What data does Activeconnect collect?

All the information we collect is stored and used in a way that makes it impossible to identify a person. We store the following information: An identifier that is used to associate the user with the customer's system. We recommend that the customer generates a 'random' string and stores a lookup table 'customer user id' -> 'active connect id' in their database. A token generated by the mobile device OS (push notification token) that allows ActiveConnect to send push notifications to a user's mobile device.

Can Activeconnect be integrated with mobile apps?

Activeconnect can be integrated perfectly whenyou are starting a new mobile app from scratch. However, it can also integrate seamlessly with existing native applications and enable passwordless access. Our well documented API and Framework for mobile applications can be found here



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