Why Activeconnect

An intelligent Identity first approach to developing applications.

We provide a well documented API and everything needed to build applications that have frictionless step up authentication without needing passwords. Activeconnect’s technology powers authentication for any platform, web application, mobile application, software and just about everything that needs user authentication and secure transactions.

We help our Clients Avoid Account Takeover (ATO), reduce fraud and enable frictionless security steps to make any transaction secure, easy, cost-effective and instantly scalable.



Activeconnect works on all types of devices and operating systems for every transaction including iOS, Android, Windows and Mac OS.


We create a unique digital signature with step up authentication for every transaction based on the risk profile in each environment. Risk is assessed based on various factors like location, devices used, pattern, transaction value or even the user.

Constant Learning

Our systems are continually optimized. We are constantly learning from the usage data , security trends, threat patterns and use that to add and update features to improve user experience and security.

Use Cases

For Developers

Powerful and well documented APIs.

We have made it easy for anyone to add Activeconnect to their application. Our extensive documentation and code samples provide a step by step guide to integration.

We have libraries for client server applications, iOS, Android, Windows and MacOS.

Developer Portal

Our Developer Portal helps you easily create and manage your Activeconnect enabled application.

Extensive Documentation

Our extensive documentation and code samples provide a step by step guide to integration.

Easy Integration

We provide easy to use libraries for many platforms in standard package formats(PyPi, CocoaPods)

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Parental Authorization

Allow parents to approve access to content in real time without having to be present or share credentials.

Real Time Approval

Users are notified when a request to view sensitive information is made and can approve or reject the request in real time.
This can be particularly useful for protecting medical information, social security number or credit records.

Fraud Prevention

When a transaction is initiated on a user's account they are notified and use Activeconnect's biometric authentication to approve the transaction.
Business logic can be tuned to use extra protection for high value transactions.

Credential Sharing

Multi-Factor Biometric authentication reduces credential sharing by requiring the genuine user to complete the authentication process.

E-Sports Cheating

Activeconnect can reduce cheating in E-Sports by ensuring the person playing matches the signed in account, making it harder for players to use ringers.

Secure Transactions

Users receive a notification on their registered mobile device when purchases are made.
The transaction is not completed until they approve it.
This allows users to prevent unauthorized purchases and reduces customer disputes and card charge backs.

Secure In-Game Commerce

Users authenticate using their mobile device to approve in-game transactions.
This gives credit card holders visibility and control over all in-game transactions.

Stop Phishing Attacks

The use of a registered mobile device and biometric authentication means that gaining access to a user's credentials is not sufficient for attackers to access a users account.